Coronavirus Prevention & Response


Folks coming to the lake are reminded to be mindful of the current COVID guidelines. The Shinanomachi guidelines can be found on their website.

From the Nojiri Lake Association Executive Committee Meeting Minutes.
Friday, July 14, 2023, 19:30 to 20:40


Some of this may still be useful information.

Nearest Source for Covid Kits (2022-08-22)

This is the nearest source for getting a Covid testing kit: Tsuchiya Pharmacy (土屋薬局) 026 254 8370 in Shinanomachi, across from Shinetsu Hospital.

Here is a link to the PDF listing places in our area.【長野市薬剤師会】医療用抗原検査キットの取扱い薬局リス.pdf

If you have Covid, please inform close contacts, get tested and self-quarantine in order to stop the spread of Covid in the NLA Community and surrounding neighborhood.


2022 NLA Covid-19 Prevention Rules

(Measures #1 & #2 are adapted directly from the Japanese government recommendations for the prevention of Covid-19 spread, July, 2022)

1_)  Basic Infection Control Measures:

1A) Avoid the "Three Cs”: (1) Closed spaces (with poor ventilation),
                                          (2) Crowded places (with many people),
                                          (3) Close-contact settings (with conversation or speech at arm's reach)

1B) Maintain distance from others, wear masks, wash hands thoroughly, and properly ventilate.

2_)  About the Use of Masks:

The use of masks is recommended in the following cases:

2A)  When unable to maintain physical distance from others indoors (two meters or more as a guide)
2B)  When able to maintain distance from others indoors but engaging in conversation
2C)  When unable to maintain distance from others outdoors and engaging in conversation
2D)  The use of masks is also recommended when interacting with people who face a high risk of serious illness, such as when visiting elderly people or inside hospitals.
2E)  Masks of non-woven material are recommended.
2F)  Indoors, it is not necessary to wear a mask when physical distance can be maintained from others and there is little conversation.
2G)  Outdoors, it is not necessary to wear a mask when physical distance can be maintained from others, or when distance cannot be maintained but there is little conversation.
2H)  Particularly in the summer in high heat situations, taking off masks is recommended to prevent heatstroke.
2I)  Care is required when small children below elementary school age wear masks. In particular, masks are not recommended for children under two years of age. In the case of children between the age of two and elementary school age, as individual developmental status, physical condition, etc. must be taken into account, the use of masks is not universally recommended, regardless of physical distance from others.
2J)  In cases in which an individual is not in good physical condition and continuous wearing of a mask is difficult, it is not necessary to force the use of a mask.
2K)  When masks are worn, parents and surrounding adults should closely supervise the physical condition of children.

3_)  Recommendations Specifically for NLA:

3A)  In the Shinanomachi area, please wear masks when indoors, or whenever you are interacting with local residents. This is not a government regulation, but a courtesy to our neighbors, to show our conscientiousness for their well being.
3B)  Please show respect for others who may have differing opinions regarding Covid-19 spread prevention. Let us value our relationships with others over our rights to hold our various opinions.

4_)  For all other Covid-19 Prevention Policies, we adhere to the most recent policies and recommendations of the Japanese government.




1_) 基本的な感染対策:
1A)「三つの密」 ① 密閉空間(換気の悪い密閉空間である)、
② 密集場所(多くの人が密集している)、
③ 密接場面(互いに手を伸ばしたら手が届く距離での会話や発声が行われる)
2A) 屋内において、他者と身体的距離(2m以上を目安)がとれない場合
2B) 屋内において、他者と距離がとれるが会話を行う場合
2C) 屋外において他者と距離がとれず会話を行う場合
2D) 高齢者等との面会時や病院内など、重症化リスクの高い者と接する場合にはマスクの着用を推奨します。
2E) マスクは不織布マスクを推奨します。
2F) 屋内において他者と身体的距離がとれて会話をほとんど行わない場合は、マスク着用は必要ありません。
2G) 屋外において、他者と身体的距離が確保できる場合、他者と距離がとれない場合であっても会話をほとん
2H) 特に高熱夏場については、熱中症予防の観点から、マスクを外すことを推奨します。
2I) 乳幼児(小学校に上がる前の年齢)のマスクの着用には注意が必要であり、特に2歳未満では推奨されません
2J) 本人の体調がすぐれず持続的なマスクの着用が難しい場合は、無理に着用する必要はありません。
2K) マスクを着用する場合は、保護者や周りの大人が子どもの体調に十分注意した上で着用してください。
3_) NLAに特化した推奨事項
3A) 信濃町地区では、屋内や地域住民との交流の際には、マスクを着用してください。これは政府の規制では
3B) 新コロナウィラス感染症対策について、異なる意見を持つ他者への尊敬をお願いします。様々な意見を持
4_) その他の新コロナウィラス感染症対策ポリシーについては、日本政府の最新のポリシーと勧告を遵守しています