Coronavirus Prevention & Response


When visiting NLA, please take extra precaution both for yourself and others.

Caring for Our Community: We want to do everything we can to avoid spreading the coronavirus within the NLA and in the surrounding rural community as well. It is important to avoid burdening the area's limited medical facilities during the pandemic. We urge everyone at Nojiri to honor the perspective and concerns of other NLA members, the caretakers and the local residents, respecting those who support the NLA year after year, making our summer community possible.

Coronavirus Pandemic Rules: We have established rules for the community and ask everyone to read and abide by them carefully. These rules are for everyone who comes to NLA during 2021 whether members, family, renters, or guests. Please read them carefully before making plans to come to NLA.

Individual Responsibility: All community members must comply with national, prefectural, and local coronavirus public health guidance. We all play a role in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. Face masks and physical distancing are now part of the culture; so are isolating when sick and quarantining upon exposure. Each one of us plays a role in minimizing the spread of the virus and in ending this pandemic as soon as possible.

2021 Coronavirus Pandemic Rules

1. Wear a face mask
Face masks are effective at reducing the amount of aerosols the wearer releases, decreasing the risk of infection for others. Always wear a face mask in public. You must wear a mask when visiting stores or facilities in the local community. When exercising outdoors, always bring a mask with you so you can quickly put it on if near others. Masks must be worn in all NLA buildings with no exceptions. These rules apply to everyone even if vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, except small children.

2. Observe physical distancing
While at NLA please practice physical distancing at all times. This means remaining at least 2 meters from people outside your own household to the extent feasible. Please assume that anyone at NLA, including yourself, could be a carrier of the virus.

3. No large gatherings in cabins
Please socialize with your friends and neighbors online or outdoors, observing good social distancing practices. 

4. Take extra precaution for activities that spread the virus
Please take extra care for risky activities that increase the risk of contagion such as singing, animated talking, and eating. To reduce risk, always wear a mask, practice physical distancing, and ensure good ventilation by meeting outdoors. 100% mask compliance is required in all NLA facilities. 

5. Restrictions and State of Emergency
Any activity, event or gathering may be canceled or prohibited at any time by the directives of the local or regional municipality. NLA and its members must abide by all national, prefectural and local restrictions. This is especially important should a State of Emergency be activated. 

6. Seek treatment in urban areas
If you are sick or suspect you may have coronavirus, please seek treatment in an urban area with medical facilities designated to handle COVID-19. We recommend you have a plan in place as to how you will return to your primary residence without public transportation to seek medical help there. If you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath suspecting coronavirus, you can call the consultation desk of the Nagano Public Health Center to receive instructions on which medical institution to visit. Tel. 026-225-9039 

7. Quarantine
When traveling from abroad, please complete the required quarantine before coming to NLA. However, if your cabin is the only place available for quarantine, then you must make the necessary arrangements to abide by all regulations regarding quarantine procedures. It is your responsibility to check and abide by those procedures.









1. マスクの着用

2. ソーシャルディスタンスを取る


4. ウイルスを拡散させる可能性のある活動には特にご注意ください

5. 制約と緊急事態宣言発令の場合

6. 都市部で治療を受ける
なお、コロナウイルスが疑われる発熱、咳、息切れがある場合は、長野県保健所の相談窓口に電話して、受診すべき医療機関の指示を受けることができます。Tel. 026-225-9039 

7. 検疫について