Garbage System (2024)

There is no garbage collection during the off-season.

Please take your garbage home with you, or make arrangements in advance with your caretaker.

Garbage Collection Dates for 2024 and Instructions / 2024年季ゴミ収集日程ならびに取り決め

Burnable Garbage

  • Sites: East Kamiyama gate, Business Office, West Kamiyama hilltop gate.
  • Time: 7:00 to 8:00 am.
  • Dates: Tue, July 16; Fri, July 19; Mon, July 22; Fri, July 26; Mon, July 29; Fri, August 2; Mon, August 5, Fri, August 9; Tue, August 13; Mon, August 19; Fri, August 23; Mon, August 26; Fri, August 30.


  • 場所:東神山入り口、ビジネスオフィス裏、西神山入り口(山側)。
  • 時間:朝7時から8時まで
  • 日程:7 ⽉ 16 ⽇(火)、7 ⽉ 19 ⽇(金)、7 ⽉ 22 ⽇(⽉)、7 ⽉ 26 ⽇(⾦)、7 ⽉ 29 ⽇(⽉)、8 ⽉ 2 ⽇(⾦)、8 ⽉ 5 ⽇(月)、8 ⽉ 9日(金)、8 ⽉ 13 ⽇(火)、8 ⽉ 19 ⽇(⽉)、8 ⽉ 23(金)、8月26日(月)、8月30日(金)。

Recyclable Garbage

  • Sites: East Kamiyama gate, Business Office, West Kamiyama rotary.
  • Time: 8:00 to 9:00 am.
  • Dates: Wed, July 24; Wed, July 31; Wed, August 7; Wed, August 14; Wed, August 31.


  • 場所:東神山入り口、ビジネスオフィス裏、西神山ロータリー
  • 時間:朝8時から9時まで
  • 日程:7 ⽉ 24(⽔)、7 ⽉ 31 ⽇(⽔)、8 ⽉ 7 ⽇ (⽔)、8 ⽉ 14 ⽇(⽔)、 8 ⽉ 21 ⽇(⽔)


  • Sites: Huts behind the Business Office and by the West Kamiyama rotary.
  • Newspapers and Inserts; Magazines, Books and Printing Paper
  • Site: Hut behind the Business Office
  • Dates and time: Around the clock from Mon, July 15, through Thu, August 23.


  • 場所:西神山ロータリーとビジネスオフィス裏の収集庫。
  • 新聞紙と折込チラシ・雑誌と本やコピー用紙
  • 場所:ビジネスオフィス裏の収集庫。
  • 日時:昼夜、7月15日(月)から8月22日(木)まで。 分類ごとに束ねてお出しください。

Broken Glass & Ceramics, Light Bulbs, Batteries, Lighters, Blue Sheet

  • Sites: East Kamiyama gate, Business Office, West Kamiyama rotary.
  • Time: 8:00 to 9:00 am.
  • Dates: Wed, August 7; Wed, August 14.


  • 割れガラス、割れ陶器、電球、電池、ライター、ブルーシートのみ回収
  • 場所:東神山入り口、ビジネスオフィス裏、西神山ロータリー
  • 時間:朝8時から9時まで
  • 日程:8月7日(水)、8月14日(水)

For each type of garbage, please adhere to the following instructions. / 以下の取り決めに従いゴミを出して下さい

Burnable Garbage

  • Burnable garbage must be dropped off for collection in Shinano-machi bags. These bags for burnable garbage are available at the supermarket, hardware store, drug store, and convenience stores. The current version (as of 2024) has green lettering with a ¥15 fee printed on the small bag and a ¥30 fee printed on the large one.
  • Write your cabin number on the bags with a bold magic marker before carrying them out to a collection site.
  • Follow instructions from volunteers when dropping off your bags.
  • If cleaned, milk cartons and Styrofoam food trays can be dropped off at supermarkets for recycling. Otherwise, they can be included along with plastic food wrappers among burnable garbage. Plastic containers for eggs, condiments, shampoo and shower soap, kitchen detergent, and laundry detergent are burnable as well.
  • Aluminum cooking foil is also burnable.
  • If you wish to dispose of larger boxes and blocks of Styrofoam, there are two options. You can either ask for permission from a supermarket to discard them as recyclable, or you can break them into small pieces and mix them in with other burnable garbage.
  • Make sure that there are no recyclable items, disposable lighters or highly combustible lithium-ion batteries mixed in with burnable garbage.
  • Hard plastics, such as wash basins, buckets, CDs and DVDs, and bins and containers, are also burnable provided they are small enough to fit in the Shinano-machi bags.
  • Clothing, shoes and towels are burnable.
  • Blankets, cushions, and futon can be disposed of as burnable garbage, provided they have been cut into smaller pieces and packed into the Shinano-machi bags. Otherwise, you must drive it yourself to the Nagano City Environmental Energy Center (i.e. the incinerator, 026-222-5301).
  • Rubber hoses are burnable provided they have been chopped up into lengths 50 centimeters or shorter and packed in the Shinano-machi bags.
  • Blue sheet are not burnable, as they risk emitting dioxins when incinerated.
  • Refrain from abandoning burnable garbage overnight to avoid attracting bears, monkeys, crows and other harmful wild animals.


  • 可燃ゴミを出す際は信濃町の指定ゴミ袋を使用してください。信濃町指定可燃ゴミ袋はスーパーなど町内の取扱店で購⼊できます。現⾏の物は緑⾊の印字で⼩袋には 15 円、⼤袋には 30 円の⼿数料が印刷してあります。
  • 太字油性マーカーでキャビンナンバーを上書した指定袋を収集場へ運び、ボランティアの指示に従い置いて⾏くようお願いします。
  • ⽜乳パックやスチロール⾷品トレイは洗った物であればスーパーでリサイクル出来ます。汚れている物はプラ包装や容器と共に可燃物として廃棄して下さい。
  • プラ包装やプラ容器も可燃ゴミとして出して頂けますが、それらを分別したい方はお住まいの市町村に持ち帰って処分して下さい。
  • 使用済み台所用アルミ箔も可燃ゴミです。
  • 洗面器やポリバケツ、C DやD V D、小物入れなど指定ゴミ袋に収まるサイズのプラスチック製品も可燃ゴミとして処分できます。
  • 衣類、靴、タオルは可燃ゴミです。
  • 毛布、布団類も細かく切断して指定ゴミ袋に入れて頂ければ回収いたしますが、まるのままの物は各自で長野環境エネルギーセンター(026−222−5301)へ持ち込んでください。
  • ゴムホースは50センチ以下に細かく切断した上で可燃ゴミ袋に入れて出して下さい。
  • ブルーシートは不完全燃焼する恐れがあるため不燃ゴミとして回収します。
  • 熊や猿、カラスなどの害獣が出る恐れがあるので前の晩からのゴミ放置は厳禁といたします。

Recyclable Garbage

  • We collect only PET bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, and glass jars and bottles that have been rinsed clean in water.
  • Remove labels and caps from PET bottles. Sort cans into aluminum and steel, and glass bottles and jars by color (clear, brown, and other).
  • Discard recyclables into our array of collection bins.
  • Return large (1.8-liter) sake bottles, as well as large (633ml) and medium (500ml) reusable beer bottles to a liquor store.
  • Empty gas canisters to table-top gas burners can also be dropped off, provided they have been emptied completely and then punctured. Other toiletry and food-related aerosol cans can also be disposed of in the same way.
  • We do not accept aerosol cans that still contain spray paint or insecticide. These can be hazardous and may threaten the wellbeing of our volunteers. Please empty them at your own risk and drive them to the Shinano-machi landfill yourself.


  • 収集はあらかじめ水できれいにゆすいだペットボトル、アルミ缶、スチール缶、ガラス瓶や容器に限らせて頂きます。カセットコンロの使用済みガス缶もノズルからガスを出し切って穴あけ済みであれば収集致します。
  • ペットボトルはラベルとキャップを外して下さい。⽸はアルミとスチールに分別し、ガラス瓶と容器は⾊ごと(透明、茶色、その他)に仕分けてください。
  • ⼀升瓶とビール瓶の⼤と中は酒屋へ返却するようお願いします。
  • 中身が残っている殺虫剤やペンキなどのスプレー缶の回収はお断りしています。あらかじめ空にして缶に穴を開けた状態でお持ちください。

Cardboard; Newspapers and Inserts; Magazines, Books and Printing Paper

  • Dismantle cardboard boxes into flat sheets. All packaging tape and address stickers must be removed from the cardboard before disposal.
  • Newspapers and their advertising inserts are categorized together, while magazines, books and printing paper comprise yet another category of recyclable paper.
  • When discarding, tie each category of paper in a bundle with string. Do not use adhesive tape.
  • The huts will be open around the clock through most of the season. Be considerate. Space is limited.


  • 段ボール箱は一枚紙に解体して梱包テープや宛名シールなどを全て剥がした状態で廃棄して下さい。
  • 三分類ごとに束ねる際はひもで結び、粘着テープは使わないようにして下さい。
  • 収集庫は大凡シーズン中いつでも使えるように致します。スペースに限りがありますので、それなりの配慮をお願いします。

Broken Glass & Ceramics, Light Bulbs, Batteries, Lighters, Blue Sheet

  • We collect the above items on the first two Wednesdays in August.
  • The non-burnable garbage we collect as a community have been narrowed down to these items so as not to overburden our contractor, and to be fair to those of us up at the lake without a car.
  • As such, we ask that you try to limit the glass and ceramics you drop off to broken items. If you are able, we recommend that you drive old sets of glasses, cups, and dishes to the Shinano-machi landfill.


  • 今後は工務店の負担軽減と車を持たずにNLAに滞在する方への公平性を考慮して割れガラス、割れ陶器、電球、電池、ライター、ブルーシートのみを8月の第一と第二水曜日に村内三箇所で回収いたします。


  • Additional information on the disposal of other types of garbage is available in this year`s NLA Yearbook.


  • その他のゴミの処分方法については今年のN L Aイヤーブック(英文)を参照するかN L Aウェブサイトにログインしてご覧ください。