2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Response Policies

These emergency policies, effective immediately, were enacted by the NLA Executive Committee to provide guidance to the community during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. These policies are for the protection of members and the community, and will help provide guidelines to avoid making the situation worse for NLA or our local community in Shinanomachi. These policies will be revised as the situation develops and before the start of the 2020 season. 

1. Coronavirus Quarantine and Travel Restrictions

Do not come to NLA to avoid pandemic related restrictions in the area of your primary residence. Traveling to a more rural location serves to spread the virus. Please shelter in place. 

Do not come to NLA for quarantine. Our community is not an appropriate facility for quarantine. If traveling from abroad, you must complete the required quarantine before coming to NLA

2. Physical Distancing

While at NLA please practice physical distancing at all times. This means remaining at least 2 meters from people outside your own household to the extent feasible. Never assume that others are safe because you are in a rural location. Many people with coronavirus show no symptoms. Please assume that anyone at NLA, including yourself, could be a carrier of the virus. 

3. No parties or social gatherings

This is not the time for social gatherings. Please greet your friends and neighbors online or outdoors, observing good social distancing practices. This includes not hosting guests in your cabin, which would be an opportunity for the virus to spread. 

4. Avoid activities that spread the virus

For example, avoid group singing which has been linked to the spread of coronavirus. The virus can survive in the air for several hours in fine particles known as aerosols. Activities such as singing and boisterous talking contribute to the release of the virus into the air.

5. Wear a face mask

Face masks are effective at reducing the amount of aerosols the wearer releases, decreasing the risk of infection for others. Please wear a face mask in public, and especially when visiting stores or facilities in the local community. 

6. Seek treatment in urban areas

If you are sick or suspect you may have coronavirus, please seek treatment in an urban area with medical facilities designed to handle COVID-19. We recommend you have a plan in place as to how you will return to your primary residence without public transportation to seek medical help there. 

The local Shin-Etsu Hospital recommends that local residents with a fever, cough, or shortness of breath suspecting coronavirus, should call the consultation desk of the Nagano Public Health Center and receive instructions on which medical institution to visit.  Tel. 026-225-9039  

7. State of Emergency Declaration

NLA and its members must abide by all national, prefectural and local restrictions during a State of Emergency. The national and prefectural governments have warned residents of hot-spot areas where an emergency has been declared to not travel to other regions. Please do not travel to NLA during a State of Emergency. 

Additionally, we ask NLA residents to abide by the stricter regulations of the urban centers even if they come to NLA. For example, the Tokyo Governor requested all Tokyo residents to self-isolate from April 8 to May 6. Therefore, people who relocated from Tokyo to NLA before April 8, should also self-isolate until May 6. 

Unanimously approved by the 2020 Executive Committee.

First released: 4/4/2020.  Updated 4/8/2020


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