2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Response Policies

Coronavirus Pandemic Response Rules for 2020 Season

Every year, we publish NLA Rules in the Yearbook. This year, those rules include the Coronavirus Pandemic Response Rules. We enacted these policies early in April and have repeatedly updated them with community feedback. The version below (now called "Rules") will be published in the Rules section of the Yearbook and will guide our lives together to make 2020 a safe and enjoyable season for those who can come to Nojiri.

1. Coronavirus quarantine and travel restrictions
Do not come to NLA to avoid pandemic related restrictions in the area of your primary residence. Traveling to a more rural location serves to spread the virus. Please shelter in place. Do not come to NLA for quarantine. Our community is not an appropriate facility for quarantine. If traveling from abroad, you must complete the required quarantine before coming to NLA. 

2. Observe physical distancing
While at NLA please practice physical distancing at all times. This means remaining at least 2 meters from people outside your own household to the extent feasible. Never assume that others are safe because you are in a rural location. Many people with coronavirus show no symptoms. Please assume that anyone at NLA, including yourself, could be a carrier of the virus.

3. No large gatherings in cabins
Please socialize with your friends and neighbors online or outdoors, observing good social distancing practices. 

4. Avoid activities that spread the virus
For example, avoid group singing which has been linked to the spread of coronavirus. The virus can survive in the air for several hours in fine particles known as aerosols. Activities such as singing and boisterous talking contribute to the release of the virus into the air.

5. Wear a face mask
Face masks are effective at reducing the amount of aerosols the wearer releases, decreasing the risk of infection for others. Please wear a face mask in public, and especially when visiting stores or facilities in the local community. 

6. Seek treatment in urban areas
If you are sick or suspect you may have coronavirus, please seek treatment in an urban area with medical facilities designed to handle COVID-19. We recommend you have a plan in place as to how you will return to your primary residence without public transportation to seek medical help there. The local Shin-Etsu Hospital recommends that local residents with a fever, cough, or shortness of breath suspecting coronavirus, should call the consultation desk of the Nagano Public Health Center and receive instructions on which medical institution to visit. Tel. 026-225-9039  

7. State of Emergency Declaration
Should a State of Emergency be reinstated, NLA and its members must abide by all national, prefectural and local restrictions. The national and prefectural governments have warned residents of hot-spot areas where an emergency has been declared to not travel to other regions. Please do not travel to NLA during a State of Emergency. 

(Approved at 6/12 EC Meeting)


毎年、年鑑に NLA 規則を掲載していますが、今年の規則にはコロナウイルス・パンデミック対応規則が含まれています。私たちはこれらの方針を4月初旬に制定し、コミュニティから寄せられた意見を反映させながら更新を重ねてきました。以下のバージョン(現在は「ルール」と呼んでいます)はイヤーブックのルール欄に掲載され、2020年が野尻を訪れる方にとって安全で楽しいシーズンとなるように、基本的な生活指針を共有したいと思います。

1. コロナウイルスからの避難隔離と渡航制限

2. 物理的な距離の確保


4. ウイルスを拡散させる活動を避ける

5. フェイスマスクの着用

6. 受診治療は都市部で行う

7. 非常事態宣言の状態