Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus Response

Please refrain from travel between Nagano and coronavirus hot-spot areas. Do not come to NLA if there are pandemic related restrictions in the area of your primary residence. Traveling to a more rural location serves to spread the virus. Please shelter in place. 

Wear a mask in public at all times, and especially when shopping in the local community. If traveling from abroad, you must complete the required quarantine before coming to NLA. Rural Shinanomachi area has limited medical resources that are not able to adequately respond in case an NLA member gets COVID-19.

As a community, we want to do everything we can to avoid spreading coronavirus within our own community, and in the rural community around NLA. We also want to avoid burdening its limited medical facilities. We urge all members to think carefully about the perspective and concerns of other NLA members, and the caretakers and local community who support NLA year after year, making our community possible. 

Please carefully read the updated Coronavirus Pandemic Response Rules before making any travel plans to NLA. 






Released 31 March 2020. Updated 5 July 2020.