RECYCLABLE and NON-BURNABLE: Wednesdays (8:00~9:30am only)

2019 Recyclable/Non-Burnable Calendar

    RECYCLABLE and NON-BURNABLE collection sites:

    • East Gate
    • West Rotary
    • Business Office

    RECYCLABLE (aluminum / steel cans, glass bottles, pet bottles, pura, cardboard)

    • CANS (rinsed out and not-crushed) can be put into orange bins.
    • GLASS must to be rinsed out, cap/lids removed, and put into box according to color. Unclean bottles or jars will not be accepted.
    • PET BOTTLES have to be rinsed out and labels removed.
    • Unclean glass bottles and cans cannot be recycled. Put in NON-BURNABLE category.
    • “PURA for recycle” must be clean and dry and in a Shinanomachi regulation bag (clear with blue lettering). If wet/dirty or uncertain, please put it into burnable garbage bag. ( 'Pura' will be accepted at only one of the three sites: the Business Office. )

    NON-BURNABLE (Not Recyclable)

    • Non-burnable garbage must be placed in a Shinanomachi regulation bag (clear with red lettering) and the bag must be tied closed.
    • Clean and empty paint/varnish/creosote cans can be placed with non-burnable garbage, but all dirty or half used cans should be taken home or arrangement made for disposal with a hardware store.
    • If in doubt, please check with the business office or a garbage monitor.
    • Most electrical appliances are unacceptable.
    • Garbage bags must be tied closed. If the garbage doesn’t fit entirely in the bag, please do not bring it.

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